Friday, December 01, 2006

Discipline = Less Mistakes = Winning Poker

If i can play disciplined poker i will be a winning player. That is the key. I lost almost all the winnings i had made over the last week over the last two days because of simple lack of discipline.

I am still optimistic that i will eventually master this. but it will take mastering myself. i will have to practise discipline. For instance, My session preparation have to be on point everytime;

  1. watch a Cardrunner video... or
  2. Read a chapter of a poker book/ read and respond to posts on poker forums; 2+2 & ftr
  3. Review hh from last session
  4. Play exactly 90 minutes then quit...
  5. Review hh, evaluate play and determine if i am able to continue playing my best poker.

I will have to do this everytime i go to play a session. Each session should actually be around 2.5 hrs long. 30min to an hour to prepare and 1.5 hrs of play. I must stop at 90 minutes played and decide honestly if i'm playing good poker.

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