Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The bleeding has stopped!

I think i've managed to stop the bleeding. I feel i'm playing better finally. still making some mistakes but no longer spewing the way i was. I'm now trying to think through all hands and have been making big lay downs and not getting into too much

Operation New Digs
Started: Nov. 19th
current Bankroll:
UB: 1000.00
BFP: 300.00
goal: 2k profit by Jan 1st.

For the last few weeks of November i was basically just trying to get my game together. I think i may have achieved that now. And will continue to try to improve. when i say my goal is 2K i don't mean i only have to make 700 more to reach my goal, but that take total bankroll to 3300.00, hopefully more.

I realize now that 400 hands per day will not cut it. I have to put in at least 1k hands each day. So thats about 30k hands for the month if i hope to achieve my goal.

moving forward i will try to post some of my more difficult hands, And i have had some where i'm not sure exactly what i should do, on 2p2.

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