Friday, December 08, 2006


Not yet.

But i'm seriously considering quiting poker. maybe not completely but not playing everyday like i do now. why? well since my last post i had taken my bankroll on BFP to 420.00, however the very next day it dropped to 137.00. what happened?

well i came home late one night from work and decided to play a session. I ran a bluff on a guy with 89s from the btn with oesd about 10 hands into t he session. this guy called me all the way with a flush draw w/ K4s in sb. needless to say my drw did not get there and he scooped the pot with a pair of fours. Ok.... thats why i'm there, i can handle that type of player. few hands later i get KK in CO and raise 4xbb, sure enough this guy called, flop came all low cards with a flush drw, so i figure this guy is a calling station i will value bet him to death. i bet pot on flop and turn, then pushed river... he called all the way then turns up AA :(

I then go on to have a number of consecutive hands like this all night.... guys calling on flop and turn with middle/bottom pair and turning or rivering trips etc etc... needless to say i then tilted a bit but settled down and pulled myself out of it. i got back up but still played a bit to long and ended up down about 4 buy-ins.

I haven't played any cash games in the past two days and have been taking solace in party pokers $6 sngs... which seem like the only things i can beat nowadays.

I have seriously considered quiting. I need the money to buy my furniture for my new place and i think i will withdraw my 1k out of UB before i lose that. its just that i'm tired of the back and forth with no real progress.

regardless i need to make a change. My options;

  1. Quit.. withdraw all funds.
  2. Withdraw my money from UB and BFP. withdraw 1k to my bank account and consolidate all other funds on party poker/pokerstars.
  3. Continue playing but move back to sngs & full ring.

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