Monday, December 11, 2006

Good Session... finally?

I finally had a pretty good session on UB Saturday... Played about 300 hands and ended the session up 133.00. Unfortunately I wake up Sunday morning to find my internet off. I spoke with My ISP today and they had suspended me for non-payment, but i had just paid the bill in full last week wednesday... I explained this to them and they assured me that it would be on shortly, however its not come back on as of 5pm this evening. hopefully when i reach home tonight it will be on.

I finished up my session review from 2p2 on Sat. as well. I think that reviewing someone else's hh has definitely helped my play. especially since this guy's style was so different from my own. He was really weak-tight and folded alot. but it kept him out of trouble, even if he missed out on some value here and there. I don't think its a coincidence that after this review i sit down and have one of my better sessions in some time.

I have not withdrawn any funds yet even though that is still a major option. I will continue to play for the time being. I think i have made some strides in my game despite my set back a few days ago... lol... ever the optimist..

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