Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Internet back on!

After a few days of back and forth with the people from my isp, i finally got my internet back on today. I immediately got on and loaded up a few tables from UB to datamine, i played a pretty good 1hr session. Did not get out of hand and ended the session up $2.90... lol, still i played pretty good i think.

Took a break and loaded up 4 tables 50nl 6mx on party. And almost immediately i was up around two buyins. unfortunately i lost it back because i was playing tired, something i knew i should not have done. so for the day -38.00... could've been worst.

I hope to get started with my new hobby soon, so hopefully i will spend free time on that, instead of playing poker when not entirely focused. The whole idea is to move the focus away from poker and engage in other activities. I still intend to play poker regularly however.

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