Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bad beats for christmas...

In my last post i was experiencing some internet difficulties that seemed to have gotten straightened out. Unfortunately that was not the case. Instead things got alot worst. My 1 month old PC went down with a faulty motherboard and my internet stopped working entirely. I got up to call my isp on Monday morning only to find out that my phone was also experiencing problems because i had no dial tone.

So today i get home and pick up my phone purely by accident and there's a clear dial tone. So i decided to reset my modem and see if i'm really in luck, and sure enough i am! because my internet is now back on. sweet! I've sent for a new motherboard that should arrive by friday and if all goes well with that i should be up and running for the new year.

I played two $4 180 sng's tonight on stars; Busted out pretty early in the first one and 20th, right on the bubble, in the other when i pushed 33 otb and was called by the bb with 55. still i got pretty deep very easily in that one...

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