Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007 Goals

Happy New year!

2006 was a so so year for me pokerwise... some ups and some downs. One of my main problems was computer problems. I've had a multitude of PC/Internet issue in '06, and am starting off 2007 on the same note.

  1. Get a stable and consistant performing PC
  2. Continue to Improve
  3. Be playing @ 200NL by the end of the year

Honestly i've almost given up on moving up as a goal. Right now i would like to get to a level where i could consistantly make 1.5 - 2k per month. I'd be very happy with that. The moving up part will come on its own.

I am currently playing poker on my laptop 2 tabling with no PT and no hud. Suprisingly i'm doing pretty well. started the year off on a good streak and ran my bankroll up to 1522 on UB. Drop 4 buyins over the next two days, but they were mostly on badbeats and did not tilt at all.

Today two tabled on Party Poker for 259 hands making 1.5 buyins. ran 28/18 and felt like the tightest person there. PP is still sweet, they were doing all kind of crazy things limping kk on the button, min betting, chk calling monsters... and other really odd plays... those crazy Europeans! I loved it! after UB it was like a hot knife through butter.

Got on UB for a second session this afternoon and made 2buy-ins over 102 hands... ran 32/23. I didn't feel like i was lagging it up, i just ran hot and had a lot of good hands, most of which held up nicely.

some hands; AI with AK pf. I think this was the right play. villian bought in short and immediately raises 8xbb on the button first in. AI with QQ pf. funny i was just reading on 2p2 lastnight where a poster made a joke about 1.5 level thinkers... who always put you on AK after you raise pf.... at least that is what i hope this guy put me on, but maybe i'm giving him too much credit. Calling AI pf with 99... villian was a complete fish and was losing just about every pot he got in. I think his range was wide open here, I thought few secs then decided i had to exploit every edge and went with my read.

good day... up 183.00 over 361 hands for a nice 50ptbb/100 win rate for the day.

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