Friday, January 05, 2007


Recently I've been playing very well, not great and not necessarily always winning but i'm playing much better. And Most amazingly i'm not tilting... at all. Its like i've reached some plane of understanding where i'm just making decisions and not letting the result get to me emotionally whether they were good or bad.

Yesterday i lost 2 buyins, couldve been more but i pulled myself out of a hole for the most part. basically i logged on to UB and selected 2 tables. On one of those tables there was a huge stack, about 6 buyins, I made the assumption, incorrectly, that this guy was running over the table. I picked up JJ in the SB there was a limper and our villian makes a standard 4x+1 raise in position, its folded to me and i re-pop him... he calls. flop comes all unders. I don't even pay attention to the cards, I lead out for close to psb, he reraises and I push. He calls and shows KK.

A few hands later i'm in the bb with cowboys, 1 limper, villians makes standard raise and i repop him again, he raises big, i reraise AI and he calls and turns up AA. sigh. Amazingly though i did not tilt at all. I sat on the table for an additional 30 minutes and this guy was hitting evey thing... seems he was on a huge heater and was just destroying people. I eventually got up a buy-in on each table but lost a buyin after my small flush ran into a bigger flush.

Today I decided to play on party poker. I have to say the party is sweet! I mean compared to UB its a cape walk. I played 538 hands 2tabling for about 3hrs ended up almost 4 buy-ins. ran 27/19 for 34ptbb/100. It was like taking candy from babies, there was almost no resistance. And when there was i usually had a good read; this guy was limping all the time so i made my standard raise from sb with 1 lmpr in. I just did not believe him and actually predicted what he was going to do before he did it on the river.

gotta keep this mental focus that i've been playing with recently.

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