Sunday, January 07, 2007

Rakeback Not worth it.

I hate the idea of playing without rakeback but i think i will have to. I've been playing at UB for the past two months with ups and downs, but the competition is just too tough. Its beatable but there are much softer games out there.

over 1100+ hands at UB since the new year i'm down almost 500.00 running 27/19
over 1400+ hands at PP since the new year i'm up almost 300.00 running 26/17

stats are virtually the same but the results are like night and day. I will withdraw 1K from UB today, leaving 65.00 which i will attemp to increase to about 500.00 either by sngs or 25NL.

I will withdraw the 1K out of my bankroll entirely. leaving me with

500.00 - PP
145.00 - PS
95.00 - FTP
130.00 - starluck
65.00 - UB

the 130 on starluck casino is my failing attemp to bonus whore casinos by playing blackjack. what a desaster that was. day one i was down 70.00 of the 100.00 original deposit leaving me with 30.00 of my money and 100.00 in bonus still to clear. I dont see this being successfull so my goal now is to try to get out with my 100.00 deposit. I will basically gamble, making 4 bets on red @ a craps table. I will either be busted or double and leave.

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