Monday, January 08, 2007

Table selection & Adjusting to image

When i decide to play i usually just look for the highest avg. pot and opponents with average stacks. On UB i would usually avoid a table with a really huge stack because this was a sure sign that the player was good and probably running the table. which i really didn't want to deal with.

But on Party Poker a big stack means something entirely different; there's a 50+% chance that the big stack was a huge fish who sucked out and is just waiting to give away his money. So i usually try to get position on a big stack and go from there. when i got to this table the villian in this hand had a 2.5 buy-in stack. I actually put him on a busted flush draw. Another big stack fish. If this guy had AA i would pay it off, but i didn't think so. on the flop i didn't see anything to be afraid of. I didnt think he would play a set or aces this way. looked like he wanted a fold to me.

When playing you have to be aware of how opponents view you. The way opponents view your play will greatly influence the type of hands you can play with a positive expectation. My third and final session for the day was not so successfull because i failed to adjust to my image the table was play really tight so i decided to mix it up. i flopped a nice draw and turned and even bigger draw, And got paid off nicely by two fish.

after this hand it was all down hill. I did not adjust to my image and continued to c-bet flops and 2nd barrel turns when i whiffed after raising pre-flop. I lost all the money i won this hand. I will adjust better in the future.

hands: 754
win rate: 11ptbb/100
current bankroll on party : 583.00

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