Monday, January 08, 2007


Played a short session today while waiting for my mother to call me to pick her up from a doctor's appointment and was up like 2 buyins after about 15 minutes.

I got stacked when i completed the sb with 65o, flop comes 657 mono, i chk, bb leads for about 1/2 pot, btn calls. I flopped bottom 2 pair on flushing board and somehow i knew it was good (i'm really learning to trust my reads) I reraised and bb instantly re-pops me, i hesitate then pushed, he calls. turn is another of same suit and i know i'm done. guy turns up 73o with the 3 making his flush. lol, talk about overvaluing TP. I make a note and buddylisted him, he leaves and shortly after my mom calls me. I still end the session up 35.00.

my goal for this month is to get my bankroll up to 15-20 buy-ins for 100NL. I feel i'm easily playing on that level right now. but i know from experience that i'm not good enough to lose three buyins while playing with only 6 and still play my best. I made 6+ buy-ins last weak. so that will be my goal every week; 6 bI per week. At PP this is easily do-able.

current bankroll

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