Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Discipline... finally?

Did not get to play much poker over the last two days, because my mom is in town and i was dealing with driving her all day. When i finally get home I am not in the right frame of mind to play, then i have to go to work in the next 2 hrs. By the time i get off i am tired and not focused so i'm still not in the right frame of mind.

Even though i wouldve liked to get in some hands over the last two days, i am immensly proud of my decision not to play. In the past i would rush home from work and try to squeeze in a few hundred hands before bed. And this is usually when i would go on tilt and lose several buyins.

Instead i've been logging on to stars to play some $5.00 sngs which i'm probably beating for about 40% roi over about 30 tournies. I really need to start tracking these better. I will probably download a tracking spread sheet.

In other news... daut44- Ryan, a member of has won the PCA - Bahamas for 1.5mil. I hope one day i can get to that level. I really have to start utilizing that site better though. From now on i'm going to watch at least 3 vids per week.

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