Thursday, January 11, 2007

Running goot on PP!!

I've yet to have a bad day since i started playing on Party Poker again. I hope this trend continues, although thats unlikely. Lastnight i got home from work around 1am and still felt like i could play. So although i was a little hesitant, i fired up 4 tables of 50NL. 1hr and 269 hands later i ended the session up 3.5 buy-ins despite getting stacked at the end of the session. this is the hand i got stacked on near the end of the session. I was distracted and somehow totally forgot about duffte in the hand. the other guy was a fish and i know i had him. i usually don't push with just TPTK but i know he was gonna call.

I am a very aggressive player. One thing i might have to be careful of is too much aggression. I feel that i sometimes blow opponents off of hands instead of extracting max. value. I rivered the set. could i have gotten more out villian? perhaps with a min-raise? the only hand that calls this river push has me beat, of course i didnt think he had that that hand, but still i think i let him off easy. turned the set on a mono board and rivered the boat. again too aggro on river? even a nut flush might get away here and i think villian was good enough to lay it to this bet on the river when the board paired. this was the perfect time for a value bet.

Set extraction & small pairs. This session i felt i misplayed a few sets and left monies on the table. flopped a set. how do i extract? he bet 2/3 psb on flop... could be just a C-bet, so i called to make it look like i'm chasing, J on the turn he bets allmost 1/2 psb... is it possible he has a flush drw? the only hand i could put him on thats drwing to the flush is AQs/AKs, and if he has that he's not folding is he? I think he might've missed with AKo. perhaps i shouldve smooth called and let him catch or bluff AI when my apparent chase doesnt get there. but i guess it was played ok. flopped the set again. I Cbet and get min raised. during the hand i had a strong feeling that this was a weak feeler type bet that would fold to a raise. so i decided to just smooth call. I think a weak lead maybe could've extracted from this guy. he was a weak player but i just felt he wouldve fold to any pressure. river card was actually a bad card for me i think.

gratuitous stackage:

spew or great play: I can't say exactly why i made this play except that i felt it was the right play at the time. looking over the hh, at first it seems like a spew. but against even a marginally aware opponent this is a great play. this hand was mainly against the BB, because the btn was a fish and i had him beat. with the right image and against the right opponent this play is folding every hand except AA. DUCY.

I love to party.

bankroll: 772.00

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