Friday, January 12, 2007

Note on Bankroll Management

I started playing 50NL on Party Poker last week with 215.00. Playing a game with only 4 buy-ins goes against all Broll management rules. It is generally accepted that you should have between 15-20 buy-ins for any game you play to account for variance.

I decided to play this level with only 4 buy-ins because i had extensive experience at that buy-in and i would only be playing 1-2 tables. Also i felt that my previous experience allowed me to play a lower variance style and take advantage of so many bad players on PP.

I would recomend that players moving to a new level should adhere to the bankroll standards of 15-20 buy-ins for any level you are playing at. Below are my bankroll goals;

Bankroll: 1500.00 - - start taking shots @ 100NL, if all goes well i will make this my permanent game with a 2K roll

Bankroll: 4000.00 - - start taking shots @ 200NL, if successfull make the move permanent with a 5k roll

Once i make it to 200NL i intend to spend some time there. especially since i would like to begin making regular cashouts; perhaps as much as 50% of my profits per month.

Eventually i would like to get involved with one of the many challenges i see in many blogs (see links) but i have to take care of some smaller issues first, before i could concentrate entirely on something like that.

If i continue play as well as i have i hope to be @ 200 NL by April the latest.

gotta stay focus!!

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Jon Miller's $50,000 Poker Challenge said...


Thanks for checking out my blog. I sure is a journey! Yeah without a doubt I will link your blog. I took a look at it and I like some of the goals you set! You also stated you ran 25/18. This is not tight at all. This is a LAG style of poker. I run 18/15 sometimes and people play back at me all the time. Just tought I would mention it, was not sure if you were kidding. Best of luck in all you do!


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