Saturday, January 20, 2007

The BlueScouse Challenge

Well i've been reading this blog (see 88% concentration in links) for the past month or so. Its probably the most popular poker blog on the net. written by this teenage kid that seemingly has no self control, no bankroll management skill and no value for money. He has won and lost up to 1/4 million!

Well the first time i read it i was pretty disgusted/ticked off... which is pretty much the way i feel about extreme thrill seekers. You know, the people that put there life on the line for a thrill then when the inevatable happens, expects sympathy.

Anyway just read the blog again today and he got his roll up to 12K and proceeded to lose it all. As i was reading his blog i remembered a few months back when i decided to rail one of the high stake players fr0m FTR on stars. I think the game was 5/10 or 10/20, but there was this one player that bought in for the minimum and donked off his stack several times. I remembered thinking at the time that i could play a better short stack strategy than that.

Reading this kid's blog has brought it back to my mind. I will look into scrapping together a bankroll specifically for this challenge... prob 500-600 dollars. The goal will be to win a few thousand, i don't know how much i could win before i start being seriously afraid of losing it all back. I will research proper short stack strategy and begin watching some of the high stakes games to get a feel for which one is best.

This will basically be a money grab. perhaps i will become a hit and runner. perhaps i will not do it at all. but if i do, it will be a one time thing. do it and lose or do it and win. but i will not lose the money and put in more to do the same thing. if i lose i will consider it a failed experiment and go back to grinding. If i win i will add to my bankroll to allow me to play 100NL with 30 buy-ins and withdraw any extra.

"You're ma boy Blue!" -- movie OLD SCHOOL

ps. if you're interested in exchanging links please give me a shout.

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Tim S said...

Hey I've got a blog too. I'm having a go at the jesus challenge - to increase my bankroll up to $20k. Fancy doing a link exchange?

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