Monday, January 22, 2007

Running poorly

The beats i took tonight on party nearly brought tears to my eyes. But I did not tilt to badly, however i did feel out of sorts at the table, kinda like i did not know what was going on. guess it was a type of tilt or just tiredness. but i loged off to perserve my meager bankroll, now standing at 465.00

In other news.
The Motherboard, CPU, And Memory for my PC came today, so i should have it by this weekend hopefully.... PT & a hud! I can't wait!

Got the Keys to my new appartment today also. I now have to buy a bedroom set, livingroom set, as well as a stove and refridgerator among other things. The thought of decorating and getting everything coordinated so that it looks nice is starting to worry me quite a bit now.


ROSSI said...

alright "grinder"

just added your blog to mine, you seem at the same stage of bankroll as me mate, though i think u are playing a bit too high. I have the same bankroll as you, but am still playing $0.05/$0.10 NL, although am multi-tabling. You want to take advantage of some of the bonus' on offer to build your bankroll. Full Tilt are doing a 100% bonus upto $600 and a lot of other sites are following suit, if you multi-table and put in the hours u sure to get them all and with no risk.

goodluck anyway

Jon Miller's $50,000 Poker Challenge said...


Hey man what's up? I totally agree with you that 20/17 is not LAG. Yeah I did have a few bad beats but my play was bad too. I knew my play was bad so I decided to move back down to get contol of my game. I decided to give LAG or SLAG as I call it a try. I really started to enjoy playing like that and my post flop play and reads have really improved. I will stick @ $25NL for a few more days and see how it goes. I am in no hurry, the $50NL will still be there! Anywho thanks for the comments! I will have to take you up on your offer!

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