Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Update... I live in Bad Beat City!

Haven't updated in a while now because I was having some Internet issues. Then for some reason the electricity in my old apartment got turned off before i moved to the new one. So i spent a few days without power. You have no idea how dependant you are on electricity and how much you take it for granted until you have to do with out it. wow that really sucked.

Anyway, finally moved to the new place with just a mattress to sleep on, no furniture, fridge or stove yet, but i have electricity! Moving was very hectic. Its amazing how much junk can accumulate after a few years of living in one place.

Got to the new place and decided to switch to Cable internet service. basically there are two main internet providers in The Bahamas; Batelco & Cable Bahamas. I have recently been having alot of problems with Batelco's DSL so i decided to switch to cable which is faster by all accounts.
Went down there, got signed up and brought my new modem home, got the pc unpacked and set up, ready to go right? wrong! no signal... nada... zip... nothing! sigh.... well at least i didnt tilt... lol.

Called the Company and after some testing back and forth they decided they are gonna have to send out a technician. ugh! well so far the customer service has been good so hopefully they show up on time.

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