Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Got my Mojo back!

winrate: 9.8ptbb/100
stats: 25/18/3.25

Played much better than i played over the weekend, was getting hands and they were holding... for the most part. I will be traveling on the 18th so will probably get in another few hundred hands between now and then. I still plan to perform my review.

Will try to post some hands later.

ps. i seem to run over the tables when i'm playing. I don't think i limped once today if it was not in the blinds. I know people get the impression that i'm lag but i'm really just playing quality hands with a few suited connectors thrown in.

Jon miller told me my stats were lag and i was really surprised. I thought my stats were more on the Tag side or ultr-aggressive. I think lag is more 32/25 ish?... where as anything below 20/15 is probably nitty.

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