Monday, January 15, 2007

Mental Toughness

Well i'm in the middle of a little down swing... I think about 6 buyins. lol. I don't feel that i've played that poorly or tilted alot. I got my bankroll up to 815.00 on Friday of last week. Then had 3 losing days in succession including tonight.

On Saturday i played tired and made some poor plays.. going to far with AJ and making poor calls and a few bluffs. ended session down 65.00

Sunday played poker all day... sngs on stars and fulltilt and 6mx on Party Poker all with football in the background... not good. lost quite a few coin flips... got in AI with AK vs. AJ, 99, & KK(dominated.. ouch!) preflop lost all of them.down 120.00

Tonight... played since i got home. I think i played ok but nothing was hitting. Lost coinflop with JJ vs. AQ AI pf early in session. missed a bunch of flops with AK/AQ/ medium or small pairs. made no flushes,or sets... flopped trips once with 62 in bb; turn:7, river:7 small blind bets pot and i called he turns over J6... river saved me. but by then i was in bunker mode and did not bet the hand as aggro as i normally wouldve.

Last hand before my computer mysteriously reboots on me I get QQ in CO with one limper; I raise 5xbb, btn calls, sb calls, bb calls and limper folds. flop comes JxAs. turn Ts river 5s... I have Q of spades, bb goes AI and i fold. down about 60.00 for the night i think.

Its not all been bad beats or variance there has definitly been some bad play... has to be. I am going on a business trip for work so i will take my laptop and hand histories with me and get to the bottom of it... and the few days off will do me good.

I'm have not tilted or lost my confidence because i feel i have not played that poorly. It is times like these that make or break you. I have to be able to play my game despite the downswing. If my roll drops to 400.00 i will drop to 25nl until i get it back to 600.00 then move back to 50NL. hopefully it doesnt come to that.

Ps. i really need to get my new pc up and running again so i can have poker tracker and pahud while playing i think this is hurting me.

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