Sunday, January 14, 2007

Losing day

had my first losing day since moving back to party poker yesterday. played 869 hands for -2.2ptbb/100 .... -21.00. had a good session earlier that morning but came back later that evening and lost it all plus some.

I played ok but not nearly as well as i've been playing for the past 2 weeks. Made some poor decisions along the way that cost me money. Also yesterday was the first time i went against my discipline and played when i knew i shouldnt have, no wonder i lost. a few hands;

Poker Axiom: Don't go broke in an unraised pot flopped two pair in bb. I normally play two pair very fast since you don't really want to see many other cards. Turns out villian in this hand flopped TP+flush draw... no way i was getting him off his hand. we were actually 50/50 this hand so it wasnt so bad. flopped trips in sb, villian min-reraises me on the flop and fires on every street. This guy was pretty loose pf I shouldve gotten away from this hand putting him on A6 etc. etc. he was definitly loose enough to have any hand.

Two other poorly played hands this was totally unnecessary. Just trying to out play opponents. ugh! high variance? nutflush drw+gutshot drw on turn... what do i do here.

It should be noted that i'm not playin with a hud. so i'm 4-tabling blind. I think it helps my reading ability in some cases but hurts me in others. Once i get my other pc fixed i will have a hud up and running and will also do some datamining to get better reads.

In other news: played some tournies on stars and didn't really go anywhere in them. went over to fulltilt and played a 24+2 tier and a 22+2 turbo sng(totally out of my roll) won a 75.00 token and took 1st in the sng for 99.00... sweet!

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