Tuesday, February 20, 2007

100NL - Today's stats

So i recovered my loses from my last post and made a profit. I am still trying to adjust to this new limit however. There seems to be alot more decent players at this level so far. players with stats that seem to miror my own, which can be difficult to play against. Some adjustments i think i will have to make;

  • I have lost the most with hands like AK & AQ ~ It seems i've been seriously overplaying these hands, particularly AQ

  • I have called far too many value bets on the river

  • I have to extract more with my made hands

  • I need to control pot size better

  • I need to tighten up in the SB

I think its comming along ok so far, I've gotten my chips in the middle on draws and pulled off some big bluffs, made great read based calls and lay downs. Once i iron out the kinks I hope to crush this level also. To that end, i have to perform an in debt session review this weekend and watch some more videos. I think the session review really pushed my 50nl game to the next level.

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