Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Early Wake uP?

Got home from work around 2am and decided i will play a quick one hour session of NL100... Not a good idea. 458 hands later i'm down 1.5 buy-ins and played badly... not horrible but i was all over the place. really splashing/spewing.

I seem to have over compensated in the wrong direction; I was running 33/22 (approx) after the first 30 mins, but manage to pull it together and got that down to 26/18 which was actually the top of my range at 50NL... so yea definitly a wake up call. Glad it came early so now i can get back to my game without losing too much money... hopefully. I will drop back to 50NL if my bankroll drops to 1200.00

hands played: 458
VPIP: 26.42
PFR: 18.78%
TAF: 3.09
winrate: -15.92

I think one of the things that threw me also is that most (95%) of the players on the tables seemed like me; ultra aggr. so i loosened up to compensate... I will have to table select better... this is definitly not 50NL.

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