Monday, February 19, 2007

1st session @ 100NL Today

Hands played: 475
VPIP: 25.68%
PFR: 19.58%
TA: 2.64
Winrate: 16ptbb/100

When I started i was a bit apprehensive but soon got over it and was mixing it up nicely... I played ok but did make some bad plays and was unsure of what to do in several situations.

There were no major fish at my tables that i could tell (lol... when u can't identify the fish its usually you) at least not the type of fish that would be in residence at the 50NL tables. But i expect there will be. I timed out and folded this hand... but i was about to call. I'm not sure if that wouldve been a mistake or a great call.

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