Thursday, February 22, 2007

another bad run!

Had another bad session last night... 147 hand = -1.6 buy-ins. there were some bad beats but i also played poorly. these guys don't give up as easily as 50nl players... there's a lot of floating and calling down with btm/2nd pairs.

My last hand of the session was when i got called down by villian holding 33 vs. my AA.... he made a straight on the river. i'll try to recreate action since i'm at work and cannot post hh.

hero in bb with AA
utg limps, MP raises 4xbb, villian calls otb
hero makes psb, villian calls (pot is around 45.00)
flop 8c5c4d
hero bets 35.00, villian calls
turn 8c5c4d6h
hero pushes for 50+, villian calls
river 8c5c4d6h2d
hero shows AA, and loses with pair of Aces
villian shows 33 and wins with straight!

i don't know; perhaps he had a read, maybe thought i was bluffing or whiffed with Ak or was chasing the flush???? meh, I should be happy that he called down but after a night of losing pot after pot this was like a kick in da balls. I sat out all tables immediately and called it quits for the night. 50nl is like taking candy from babies compared to this crap!

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