Friday, February 23, 2007


Things have continued down hill. My bankroll is now at 1600.00 down from a peak of 2198.00 a few days ago. I went on monkey tilt today after my KK lost to T9o and really abused a table, running something like 50/40... I ended up 92 dollars on that table but down 111.00 for the session.

I will try to recover my former glory at 50nl and take the occasional shot at 100nl instead of just opening four 100nl tables and playing... think baby steps. Can i run 15ptbb/100 again? I will try. In the mean time i will take a two day break from nl cash games. I will probably play stt's or PLO.

lol... so much for 'crushing 100nl', but in the words of the terminator 'I'll be Back'.... biotches!

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