Sunday, February 25, 2007

Same old tricks @ 50nl

I said i would be taking a break from nl cash games in my last post but i just couldnt grind out the stt's and didnt want to take the time to learn omaha. So i ended up playing 2 3hr sessions yesterday; one that morning and one that night around 11pm.

My first one i was still out of sync and quickly dropped 3 buyins, but battled back to end the session up almost a buyin. The second session i found that sweet spot again and just dominated the tables at will.

I think i have an idea now how 100nl is different from 50nl... 50nler's just have no clue how to deal with someone like me. From my stats you can see that i ran 26/20 over 2k+ hands and during that time i don't think i was rr light more than a few times and floated even less. where as opponents at 100nl was doing this even without cause. So they took me out of my comfort zone and I did'nt adjust well to their tactics because i was not used to being on the receiving end.

Slow playing is bad! I have the ass end of the straight here only hand beats me is KQ, tough call AI.

OESD + TP on flushing board standard? not sure...

Surgeon General Warning: "Slow playing is bad for your health"

Random Stackage & implied odds I was pounding on this guy all day and knew he would stack off if i hit... poor guy, I took 5 buy-ins off him alone yesterday... didnt realize it until i checked PT.

Spite call/Great read/Spewtastic this guy had called down me down like this twice already and made a large bet on river when i checked, once showing KJ... so this time i decided to look him up.

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