Monday, February 05, 2007

Can it Last?

Decided to get in a quick session before going to a superbowl party yesterday, and had another really good session. The topic of this post is "Can it last?" well obviously i cant run @ 35ptbb/100 forever like i've been doing over my last 2300 hands.

I pretty much started January the same way, then went on a 10 buy-in downswing. I feel i'm playing better now, not by much but i've definitly learned from that experience. back then i quickly became over confident and started playing a really high variance game. Basically trying to out play opponents all the time. Also i kinda quit reading and studying my game. I don't feel any of that this time though.

My goal is to keep playing at a high level. Playing my A game everytime i sit down and continue to build my bankroll for 100NL.

In other news;
I set up my computer to datamine today, as I'm typing this i'm datamining 12 tables. This should help my game alot. eventually i would like to get one of those fish finder setups. I'm currently datamining 50NL but if my bankroll reaches 1500 I will switch over to 100NL aiming for at least 30k observed hands before i start playing there.

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