Saturday, February 03, 2007


Wow! I absolutely LOVE PartyPoker and those crazy Europeans!

Played 2 sessions so far today. the first one went ok but i didnt feel i played my A game... i wasn't focused at all and was splashing around a lot. Anyway ended the session up about 38.00 for a 9.48ptbb/100 win rate.

I decided that i need to regroup. so i took a break, looked at some hand histories and came on here to read the article "what matters and what doesnt". That and a quick skim through "Pokey's Guide to hand reading" got my mind right and i settle in for a 3 hr session. The result... above.

I would recommend that anyone visiting this site that plays 6max read those two arcticles. then go over to 2p2 and read some more. btw i sincerely believe that site has been more helpful to me so far than many books i've read.

some hands.... great to get action like this with AA. I think reraising wouldve given my hand away... so i risked playing a multiway pot... hands like this baffle me... what was this guy thinking? I guess he had a read... lol LUV IT! hahaha! these guys are incredible! this type of betting is the norm it seems. this is why you shouldnt slow play. especially on that flop, what was he thinking? Of course was a really loose call by me on the flop well got it in as a favorite. I putting in the 3rd raise with big hands like kk/AA because i feel it would be really transparant. In this case it probable wouldve won me the pot... but i'm happy with this play. i win this way more times than i lose My one true suckout for the day. played this horribly. there was a hand previously that seriously lowered my opinion of villian... thats my only explanation.

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