Thursday, February 15, 2007

Coaching & other thoughts

I continue to run well, i've only had one negative session but followed that up with a huge positive session so i've had no negative days for this month so far. My bankroll is now +1700 and i'm actively making plans to crush 100NL.... lol.

But seriously there are several things i'm doing or plan on doing now that i'm ready and properly rolled for 100NL. well i'm not properly rolled yet (should have 20 buy-ins) but i will most likely be by the end of this month if i continue at this rate.

  1. Datamine ----- in progress
  2. purchase table selection software -- sixthsense/spadeeye --- researching
  3. Convert DBs to PostgresSQL - - researching
  4. Buy Coaching
  5. make a vid

I've considered coaching for a long time now and will eventually get it done. but i'm procrastinating because of the price. But i will get it done as soon as i get my living situation completely sorted out. I feel i'm playing really really well but i know i'm not that great and still have alot to improve on... I know this because i got crushed on UB. The players on PartyPoker just suckass.

I've decided to make a vid of myself 4 tabling 50NL. I got the idea after seeing so many users post their personal vids on CR also when i was researching Coaching i noticed the coach said he would review a 30-40minute vid.

I've given it a try already which resulted in my negative session mentioned earlier. I think i got the settings figured out now i just have to look into compression so that the file is not so large (867mb i think). Also my voice sounds funny and i don't speak really clear or coherent... alot of mumblings, exclamations and incoherent rambling.

Once i get it all worked out i will probably post a link to it on this blog so readers can take a look see.

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