Wednesday, February 14, 2007

See how i Run! & Moving on up


Feb 12th
hands: 1454
VPIP: 25%
PR: 17.88%
win rate: -7.8optbb/100

Feb 13th
hands: 676
VPIP: 25%
PR: 17.75
winrate: 39.84 ptbb/100

Hmm... lol just noticed that my stats are virtually the same for both days but i felt i played tighter on the 13th than on the 12th. There are differences that a deeper look will reveal though. On the 12th i felt as if i had gone back to my old ways splashing around in alot of pots, where as on the 13th my aggression was more directed and read base. Also my table selection was obviously much better.

My bankroll is now only a few dollars short of the 1500.00 mark, but all this was accomplished over a really small sample. something like 8K hands. Yea i run goot but i also am playing much better and crushing really bad opponents. So i'm torn between moving up now and playing another 5-10K hands. however my goal ultimately was to reach 100NL and i will not become timid now.

Over the past few days i've datamined about 35K hands @ 50NL. I will do the same at 100NL, only before i move there. So over the next few days I will only be datamining 100NL. Also in preparation for the move i will begin browsing the ssnl forum on 2p2 and watching 100NL videos on cardrunners.

ps. please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. Also request a link exchange if you have a blog.

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