Monday, February 12, 2007

Tilt & Image

I tilted tonight for the first time in along time. It was not full blown tilt where i was angry and emotional. I was just playing overly aggressive and making plays i knew i should not be making. I realized that i was playing extremely reckless and my image was completely destroyed. So i decided to use this.I was running about 33/29, raising and reraising pf, cbeting almost every flop, 2nd barrel bluffing and even some 3 barrel bluffing. It was wild there for a minute.

One of the hardest things and simultaneously easiest things to do is change gears. It is hard because pychologically/emotionally I was caught up in the action and thrill of the moment. It takes discipline to control these feelings and the impulse to try to outplay an opponent on virtually every hand. Once i realized that the entire table was playing differently against me, calling me down light and pushing over my raises , I knew i had to switch my approach. So i simply stopped Cbeting so much. Stopped raising marginal hands, stopped trying to punish limpers and started playing basically ABC weak tightish poker.

My results;


Flopped TPTK with two flush draw...

Now if i cbet i'm pretty sure i will take this down a majority of the time unopposed. but by checking i allow villian to make a mistake, after all there's a drw on the board. Conventional wisdom says I would protect my hand vs. the posible draw. but as you can see by taking a risk on the flop i get rewarded handsomly the rest of the hand

Flush Draws....

In order to get paid on flushes they have to be play fast as draws. Sometimes they get there sometimes they don't. But in order for these draws to be profitable you have to build a big pot to win or take down a small pot with a semibluff using FE. The draws to play this way are nut draws and combo draws, so that when you do get called you have lots of outs. lots of outs flopped flush poorly played... ugh! Nut draw deep stack

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

I play my draws hard and fast as a general rule to disguise my hands where I am betting with air. Sometimes it pays off other times it's costly. Playing flush draws hard sometimes leads to villain thinking you have TPTK or a set so when the flush hits he might be tempted to bluff thinking you're beaten but really you've built a big pot instead!

Only think I do different on the QcJc hand is c-bet the flop otheriwse I'd probably play the same as you on.

Are those HH from Party?

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