Saturday, February 10, 2007

where i'm at

I estimate i've withdrawn close to 5K over my poker lifetime. But i've never really broken through. Every time i'm about to move to 100NL it seems something happens to impede my progress. The very first time i tried to move up i was uncomfortable and did not play well, the other times there were computer and personal problems that held me back.

If you read some of my previous post you will see that i've been running really well at 50NL recently (over a small sample though...meh) and once more i'm approaching 100NL. I feel my previous experiences have prepared me somewhat and i'm definitly a better player.

So very soon i will be dabbling in 100NL along with alot of uNL 2p2ers it seems; see here. I will try to join up with these guys but if not i will continue on with my own plan.

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