Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Life:Poker Balance & Complacency

Recently I've been having some problems balancing my life and poker properly. I have a full time 40hr per week job, I'm a partner in a startup company with a friend and i play poker. In the month of February I think i made more at poker than at my regular full time job. This was obviously a really good month and i don't expect to duplicate it monthly. However i consider myself to have 3 jobs and I have to work on balancing them properly.

We're getting ready to fully launch the company and i expect that my poker time will decrease somewhat. I would still like to get in at least 15k hands per month though. Therefore i have to schedule my poker time wisely (study & play) and get the most out of every session. I have to start using my time more efficiently from now on... no more procrastination!

There was a point in Feb. where i was totally focused when i played... I was reading opponents to the point of sometimes predicting their next play. I was aware of my image and using that knowledge. I have lost that focus. I tilted today at 50nl for the first time this year.

I have become complacent; by the end of Feb. I was not reviewing sessions, I was not checking my biggest losing or winning hands for poor play. I was not reading any poker literature beside a post or two on 2p2 or watching any vids from CR that i pay a monthly fee for. My opponents were so bad that i was lulled into complacency. This was a lack of discipline and character on my part.

I will re-focus in March and continue to work on and improve my game. This means regular review sessions, regular study and analysis. I will also attempt to learn PLO as a diversion so that i can stay fresh. Its only when i become bogged down in nl that i start to play by formula instead of actually thinking. PLO and the occassional sng should keep me fresh.

I was suppose to perform a review this weekend of my attempt at 100nl that did not get done. So no more poker until i do that and a general review of overall results for February. My next post will include stats, hands and analysis from that review.

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