Friday, March 02, 2007


I haven't played a single hand of poker in March yet. I have been really busy and have yet to review my hhs for Feb. I would've like to have had it done by now so that i could play 2mor (sat). but it looks like 2morrow will be another busy day. So it will not get done until sunday.

I've been downloading alot of user vids from Cardrunners & PLO vids that i will eventually watch. I've also watched some of the pro vids from CR. So i feel that my head is back in the game.

Just picked up my a new 27" flat screen tv today. It looks nice. but it is not a high end model so i guess it will be limited. I just did not want to spend that much money on a TV at this time. Hopefully poker goes good this year and i will be able to buy a bigger one for my livingroom area. I'm aiming for June for the NBA finals.

Anna Nicole Smith was buried today here in Nassau Bahamas. I did not go, but from all accounts it was a circus and was splashed all over the news as usual. Out of the whole thing i think i'm most disgusted by the media frenzy and endless coverage... RIP mama! hope you find peace.

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