Sunday, March 04, 2007

Feb. Resluts & stats

Ok here are my overall stats for February. I consider it a successful month except i donked off a few buy-ins playing 100nl.

My results by position.

Interestingly even though i'm tighter utg, its still the biggest loser for me. A quick review of the hands played revealed that i was playing for stacks too often oop. basically i should be going for pot control and not trying to jam the pot. Also i seem to really have sticky palm utg... I always imagine opponent is trying to put a move on me and end up bluffing off chips.

Junk hands are losing me 440.00... In review i've opened hands as bad as 52o and J4s. Just -ev hands. Axs is also a cause for concern as well as 98s. Interestingly A5s & 98o are my two largest winners... I may be over playing 98s.

I've also noticed that many of my really bad plays seem to be at 100nl. I just don't know what happened there. I really stunk it up... just made one -ev play after another. ugh!

March Goals
Rebuild my roll for 100NL
play 20k hands
perform regular session reviews
grunch at least 5 hands per week on 2p2
watch at least 2 vids per week on CR
put up a vid of myself playing 50nl on this blog

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

Nice results and your positional play looks first rate too!

Good luck for March!

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