Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Welcome to Pot Limit Omaha!

After weeks of thinking about it and saying i want to play it, I finally played a few hands today. I'm not sure how many because PT is only for hold'em. But the game is so easy. Make nuts and get it AI. Thats it!
And when i say nuts i mean the absolute nuts or very close to it. Drawing to 2nd nut hands seem a sure path to variance hell.

n e way i was at the office and decided to go on stars and give it ago... actually i came across a plo vid on CR then decided to go on PS... I sat down with 30.00 on a 50nl and max buyin @ 25nl.

1st Hand Sweet! This is a very strong starting hand in Omaha. TP + 2 nut flush draws... and a lil deeper; the Kh & Kc are still out there for someone to drw to the 2nd nuts. Perfect!

Good lay down? I think so.This is a nice hand to try to see a flop cheaply with... but facing a raise i could easily bet set over setted or be drawing to the non nut flush.

In an estimated 60 hands i more than doubled by bankroll on pokerstars; from just 61.00 to 169.00... could be just variance but i'm in love with omaha!

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

Poker Tracker do an Omaha version if you start to play more, not sure if they give a discount if you already have the Holdem version, fire Pat an email he's a pretty good guy.

Also, I've toyed with the idea of Omaha for a while now but the swings can be huge apparently, you're hardly ever more than a 60/40 favourite on any hand!

Check out www.milkybarkid.blogspot.com for a high stakes Omaha player's blog, UK pro, Ben Grundy.

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