Thursday, March 29, 2007

ugh...BAD BEAT!!!

No not poker. For the past month i've been unable to watch videos from CR on my PC. I could only watch them if i stream them directly from the site, but if i downloaded them on my PC i could not get them to play.

So i get home from my day job early today (around 2pm) and was gonna play for aleast 2hrs before i had to go to my other job. Anyway i decided i had enough time to try and figure out the problem. Went to cardrunners trouble shooting page where they said to update my PC.

long story short i went to microsoft update and updated the PC, only now i CANNOT ACCESS THE INTERNET AT ALLLLL! R U KIDDING ME... FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! I spent 3hrs trying everything short of re-installing XP and nothing works. I didnt get to play a single hand of poker. I feel like crap, i'm really pissed that i didnt get to play any poker.

I told a co-worker and he said i might be addicted... lol. Let me explain. I live in The Bahamas, and its illegal for me to Gamble, at least locally. Despite this there is a large illegal numbers racket along with a few underground gambling spots. I don't play numbers or dice or any other form of gambling, I've heard of the underground casinos, but have never been to one and don't know where they're located. But tell someone you play poker and its like saying you smoke crack cocaine. still i've been pretty open about it because i feel if i hide it then it really looks like a problem.

In other news... my name came up in a post on 2p2. Convo went like this

guy1: anyone know anything about xxxx
guy2: he's decent, he's probably a 2p2er
guy3: well for his sake i hope he was shit face when i played him yesterday

lol... 'yesterday' was the 24th of lastweek when i ran bad.

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