Wednesday, March 28, 2007

wednesday results

Got home around 1am and decided to put in a session. I wasn't too sure about playing because i rushed home. I didnt want to squeeze in a session because this usually leads to a bad run. So decided to play extremely carefull/tight, this lasted for the first 20-30 minutes then i changed gears and just went crazy. 3betting, pushing etc I ran about 30/20 on one table and 22/18 on the other three, I would show a bluff... then get AA and they would just not believe me... it was sweet.

The hand that started it all I thought i was done when he called, but party poker never ceases to amaze.

Quads get paid... sweet

hahaha... wtf really?

perfect turn I was in full lag mode here, but had decided to slow down on the turn since he likely had a big hand, but then the perfect card peels off... 2 outered! this guy probably has me has a fish since he was on a few of my tables and saw the bluffs i showed... we had some good battles.

QQ AI pf vs. shorty

Just a few hands i sent to work to post here, so the selection may not have been the best.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

When you said on my blog it's illegal to play live, where do you live?

Here's what I think of those last hands:

QJs - I like your line and how villain thinks he's good there is beyond me! Did you ever consider leading the turn with a small bet to try induce a raise or some action?

86o - Love the push on the river! One thing I am working on is getting my money in with the nuts.

97s - I'm not a big fan of raising 1 gappers UTG but for mixing things up ok. I play flop same. On turn I would probably have raised any non-paint card, would you still have raised had a 9 not hit but a brick? River is pretty standard I think.

JJ - On the flop, if he makes it a PSB of around $40 what's your line here? Do you lay it down or call planning on check/folding a non-Jack turn? If he did make a PSB on the flop I'd still be tempted to call with your history against him, it's a problem area for me because people like to bluff at me as I play quite aggro nowadays. Rest of hand takes care of itself!

QQ - I probably play same although I have an awful record with QQ AIPF!

Game101 said...

I live in the Bahamas where its illegal for locals to gamble in Casinos. there are unground games/casinos but obviously i don't want to get into those. Of course tourists can gamble... go figure.

97s - sometimes i just know i'm good, i'm not sure how and can't explain it. i will post some of my river calls in the future... but with this hand its prob 50/50 call/fold on brick river depending on how i feel.

JJ - considering this guys stats i would probably fold to a pot size rr on flop despite history.

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