Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Today's results

Well as you can see i played alot tighter than i normally do. Unfortunately i never got it going. Didn't really get many hands, those i got didnt hit or didnt hold up. I would've ended the session down only 25.00 or so but made a bad push coming to the end of the session and got stacked.

Below are my top winning and losing hands for the session. All comments welcomed.

KTo vs. min raising fish this guy sucks

flopped flush, get stacked totally avoidable. fold pf? definitely don't push when the board pairs, but against this guy... meh

Overplayed AJo vs. fish I think i should have push/folded turn... good/bad idea? had overs + nutflush drw, but prob very little fe vs. this guy. push = +EV? (I really need learn to do EV calc.) river call was horrible.

AA hand won but misplayed?

77 utg, runner runner straight I think i played this good. had to call the min raise on turn right?

grand finale; bad push with 76s 76s in sb vs. habitual blind stealer, I was playing very tight so i thought it was a good spot to resteal. The mistakes started after the flop; not cbeting the flop, not chk raising flop, then pushing with absolutely no fe on turn....


Yorkshire Pudding said...

I didn't read your comments, just opened all the hands up and here's my thoughts:

1st hand - LOL at the donkeymaking the call with KQ. Add him to your buddy list!

74s - I'm folding preflop but calling is ok I guess just incase you hit some monster. His min-raise on the turn is gay. I'd possibly call there and check fold that river.

AJo - I'd love to know what he puts you on but I'm probably raising that turn regardless. Even getting nearly 4/1 I think I find a fold on the river as played. He must have hit something if he's the fish you say as fish are typically passive!

AA - I think this is pretty standard. Another take I'd do is to also check the turn too. His flat calling of your 3-bet screams like AK or something strange like JJ which in that case he's drawing to 2 outs. Maybe fire 1/3 pot on river to look like a missed AK and let him bluff at you? Just another idea.

77 - Lucky river but I think against most normal players you're probably ahead a lot more during the hand than behind. Even if he raises to £25 on flop I think you call with an OESD and two 7's left in. At least 8 of those outs are clean, possibly 10.

76s - I'm all for re-stealing with SC but you have to c-bet this flop or at a minimum check-raise him. There is zero fold equity with your CR on the turn as you know! Right idea, wrong street I think. Brain fart!

Game101 said...

lol... brain fart for sure... spot on analysis. Thanks, n get back to playing there's monies to be made...

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