Tuesday, March 27, 2007

lastweeks results | changing gears

wow! well had a really bad week last week. right away its easy to spot the problem with these stats. Ran way too loose even by my standards. Just played horribly, i think it had a lot to do with me not being mentally ready to play when i sat down.

Anyway i've since decided to play more discipline poker and try to tighten up my game. It seems to be working so far.

I honestly don't know how people run 18/10 or less. they must be passing up tons of oppurtunities, because i'm folding alot of good hands i played before and still managed to run 22/17. I will keep at it though. I think 20/16 to 22/18 are good numbers to aim for.

My plan is pretty simple right now. play really tight ABC poker early... think 15/10 and open up late when i've establish an image or showed down a big hands. Basically i want to pay more attention to my image and play accordingly.

Just a few more days left in March...

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