Friday, March 23, 2007

Steady losing | Discipline lost

Since last Saturday I've been losing steadily. Lastnight i decided to play some 100nl since i had spadeEye up and saw a open seat with position on a fish. Well in 33 hands i lost 1.5 buy-ins. I immediately sat out all tables and called it a night.

Upon further reflection my main problem this month has been discipline. Calling down when i know i'm beat or worst pushing when i know i'm beat or only when a better hand will call me. These are all leaks but the main underlying problem that lead to these smaller ones is playing when i'm not able to play my 'A' game. i.e. when i know i'm tired, sleepy or just trying to squeeze in a quick session. had i stuck to my disciplined play i would be closer to my goals with similar results to February.

I have to focus!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Why do we do that? I've lost count the amount of times I know I am probably 90/10 behind and still make that crying call.

Keep at it mate, you're obviously a good player, just in a bit of a rut at the minute!

Game101 said...

thanks york... I'm working on it.

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