Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Party dilema... Am I Good or Do they just Suck

In an effort not to post just good results, I will post an image of my last 2 days of poor play where i lost about 2.5 buyins. I would say about 95% of it was bad play vs. 5% variance.

The dilema as I see it is that i play so many fish that i have a hard time adjusting to decent players. So what happens is i end up stacking off making plays that are only good against fish.

I will post the image and hands when i get home from work. It will make for a good review for myself.

upon further review of my biggest wins & loses i don't think i played that poorly... just some drws not getting there... and maybe some questionable spots...

nut flush drw

ill advised river push

flush drw... not sure but i think its +ev

another flush drw

I think all those plays had potential but were all high variance and unfortunately i came up short on most. the river push was probably the worst of the lot but the villian in that hand was particularly bad.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Ad6d hand - a high variance play mate and this time it didn't pay off. Did you count 12 outs as in flush plus overcard because I would have discounted the Ace as you well know your kicker is pants. I sometimes play draws this was but usually I like to have a bigger kicker with my Ace which could win on it's own.

9h8h - Ouch! Flop is extremely drawy, but did you ever think of trying a c-bet? Personally I'd have maybe tried firing out on the turn but it's a perfect river card for you both! Fecking dinkies calling raises with K9o!

QdTd - To be honest I fold preflop. As played it looks like the money is going in no matter what you do, looks like AA or KK by one of the villains.

7d6d - Nice hand, probably how I would play this too.

Things will turn mate, you're stats you posted seem pretty damn solid and you seem a decent player. You've been running red hot though too remember and what goes up must come down. Stick at it mate and please don't sit on my tables when I'm whoring Party next month!

Game101 said...

hey thanks for the comments York... honestly i was playing really lag that session something sick like 32/23, shouldnt have been playing at all really.

98s: villian that hand was extremely loose call station and would call me with any piece, so i didnt think c-betting was wise.

QTs: Position plus hand that had potential vs. aggro opponent. lag. meh.

I haven't always posted when i had a few buy-ins down swing so i think it seems that i'm always hot, but these results are normal. I haven't been hot this entire month...

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