Sunday, March 18, 2007

Saturday results

Finally got it going like February yesterday. All March it has been up and down; make a few buy-in then lost it back... just up and down. Yesterday i think i broke through and found that sweet spot again, really liked the way i played.Now will have to carry it over for the rest of the month.

QQ Call River AI on scary board

QQ Call AI pf easy call... DUCY?

AA vs. Aggro opponent

A wtf! moment

95s steal attempt... So Sexy!



Yorkshire Pudding said...

Nice result! Can I ask a quick question? In the QQ AIPF hand if villain re-popes to say $25/30 rather than jamming do you consider laying down the Hilton Sisters here or opt to see a flop and play for set value? His push screams TT-JJ or AQ-AK.

LMFAO at the donkey with A4s BTW and I bet the 95s hand did wonders for your image, it was his own fault for betting like a pansy!

Game101 said...

If villian repoped me i prob wouldve just pushed, because the read would've remained the same. Once i called his raise i would pretty much be committed since stacks are shallow, so playing for set value is out.

lol.. the A4s hand is the type of stuff you get on the weekends at PP. And the 95s hand was pretty sweet.


moniquer said...

Wow dude, you're seriously on fire. I wish I ran that good. Keep up the good work, and keep on trying out 100nl. Malfaire says it's just as soft as 50nl (at least on PStars; I don't know what it's like on that ATM machine that is known as Party Poker).


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