Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sick Day

Called in sick to work today.I guess i'm comming down with something; had an extreme case of chills lastnight along with a huge headache and aching joints. I'm slightly better today, but still have the headache.

I did play some poker today and did ok. Because of the headache i decided that i would have to play a much tighter game than i normally would. So i ran about 20/16. Didnt cbet that much, didnt raise marginal hands, didnt bluff... much. On most tables i was running like 16/15. I liked it and still got paid.

I also played 3 turbo sngs on stars today and came 2,1,1 so all in all a good day.

New blog: Moniquer, havent' had a chance to really check it out, but it looks good and there seems to be some interesting content.

fellow grinders keep the links coming. GL.

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