Monday, March 12, 2007

Tough Sunday

Dropped 4.5 buy-ins yesterday. Played ok for the most part, but was not totally focused like i shouldve been. lastweek was a really busy week for me personally so did not have any time to focus on poker. Hopefully this week goes better. I'll likely be playing the 9pm - 12pm slot.

I made a really sick sick play yesterday and will post it and a few thoughts i have when i get home.

Put up a new blog... Malfairepoker, check it out, seems like a intersting blog along with some good poker content.

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M0NIKER said...

Hey IslandGrinder,

My housemate Mark (malfaire) pointed me to this site a while ago, and I've been checking it on a consistent basis. I'm currently playing at around your level $50nl getting ready to move to $100nl next month, and I've got to admit that I'm pretty jealous of your results. God I wish I could play at PartyPoker; it seems like you're making a killing! Keep it up, and good luck getting to 100nl and beyond. Oh, and if you wanted to check out my blog its at


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