Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring Forward 5 buy - ins

Daylight savings time is kicking into effect at 2:00 am, so i thought i'd go with that theme for the title of this post. Of course my bankroll also sprung forward 5 buy-ins tonight. I was really please with the way i played also. I think except for one situation i got the most out of all my big hands and lost the least when i couldve lost more when behind. Also had one suck-out vs. a short stack. so all in all a good session.

River Extraction In hindsight I think i could've gotten it all-in if i had bet the turn. but i think i got the most I couldve on the river.

TT AI Pre-flop which was worst, my push or his call? this guy had sat down about 3 orbits ago and had been playing really aggressive... his huge rr didn't look like QQ-AA but still could've been JJ i suppose.

Weekend Madness I

Weekend Madness II

F#@k short stacks

back on course to accomplish my March goals... Just gotta stay focus.

ps. I'm looking for some additional blogs to put up... so if you have one and happen to be on this page leave a comment and we can exchange links.


Malfaire said...

What's up, Island Grinder. I check your page once in a while -- awesome results so far! I'll link you up on mine too. Keep plugging away, you'll be at the next level in no time.

Malfaire said...

Ah, link if you need it:

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