Sunday, April 01, 2007

March Results | April Goals

March was a really up and down month for me as you can see from the graph... i'd have really good days followed by really bad days. But i think i learned alot about my self and my game.

Despite the ups and downs i still managed to pull off a respectable 5ptbb/100.

Top 5 winners
AA - 929.59
KK - 410.07
JJ - 394.03
AKo - 382.08
QQ - 301.63

Top 5 losers
97o - (193.60)
QTs - (189.90)
T9o - (160.00)
44 - (142.44)
AQs - (125.80)

I seem to have problems playing connecting cards. Most of my losing hands are low suited and unsuited connecting cards. I will review those in more detail and look to tighten up with those this month.

March Goals
Play 20K hands
Play at least 10K hands @ 100NL
perform regular session reviews
watch 3 cardrunner videos per week
post more in forums
tighten up on SCs

btw... I'm turning 30 this month...OMG I'm OLD!


PokerFool said...

Yo, good job for March. Keep up the good work. you are definitely good enought to be playing 100NL full time. Move up and crush.

What sites have you been playing on?

Game101 said...

ha!... I tried that move up and crush a while back... didnt go so well. But i will try to hold my own this time around. Thanks for the good words though.

oh yea.... Party Poker!

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