Monday, April 02, 2007

New Goal : 10K hands at 100NL

edit 04/04/07: what follows is one stupid dumbass motherfucking idea...

Not exactly a new goal.In my last post i said i was gonna play a mix of 50NL and 100NL... but from this moment on i'm not gonna play another hand of 50NL unless my bank roll drops to 1K... basically sink or swim.

I've been playing scared for too long, My original goal was to get to 100NL and play 100K hands there. So I'm gonna play my first 10K hands then evaluate the stats and see what i come up with.

My bankroll: $2150.00

I will likely start off with just 3 tables to begin with and attempt to play a more tagish game untill i get used to it. I will be providing regular updates.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Best of lcuk with NL100. Personally I'd want more than 21.5 buyins but I'm sure you have the game to beat these players too. You certainly have the game to beat me!

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