Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Direction

This month has not gone as well as i'd hope. I will make a May results and June Goals post when i get home. while i did not completely suck @ 100NL i did not do so great either. I've decided to move back to 50NL for June and work on my game. I am also tired of playing on Party Poker. This is where my "new direction" comes in.

I am currently researching new sites to play at. The criteria are'

  1. Must have RB
  2. Must have good deposit bonus and reload bonuses
  3. Must work with PT
  4. Must be able to Datamine
  5. Must be relatively fishy

The current short list includes the following sites

  1. Absolute Poker
  2. Inter Poker
  3. Sun Poker

I already have accounts at UB with 30% rakeback and 600.00 bonus. I also have an account with Battlefield Poker with 30% rakeback, but they don't have a bonus running and i don't have any funds on there.

I never bonus whored like most micro-limit grinders because i hated the crappiness of those sites and preferred to play comfortably. But I'm gonna give this a shot anyway. I will be withdrawing $1500.00 from PP and depositing 500.00 on two of the above sites.

If any of you guys have any suggestions on sites to play at or the fishyness of the sites listed above i would be happy to hear about it. In the mean time i'm gonna be busy over the next few days setting up, installing mods and data-mining.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Absolute is horrific mate and there have been stories of monies disappearing and all sorts on 2+2. Both InterPoker and Sun Poker are on the Cryptologic network as I don't think you can mine but they both have really good bonuses every month and 30-35% rakeback.

I also heard from the manager at Sun that they will be introducing mini tables very soon and you should be able to fit 6 tables on a normal resultion screen.

Cadmunkey said...

Crypto is a fish-fest. Be prepared for several bad suck-outs per day but keep playing your 'A' game and you'll come out a big winner. The only reason I stopped playing there is because of the low table selection at higher stakes during the day.

crazyplay said...


you shouldn't underestimate the effect of rake when your playing NL50 so I wouldn't dream of playing on Party at that level. Get on and sign up at Inter Poker - a crypto site. You get 40% rakeback and bonus on top - don't bother getting a £ account yet because the bonus clears 2x as slow as a $ account. Get the bi-monthly $200 bonus. OK, you can't datamine there, but it's a great place to play and with that deal (the rakeback is dealt method), if you're a tight player you are getting about 70% effective rakeback at the low stakes. As a thank-you for this great advice, if you do sign up can you mention my account no RTR05419 so I can get 2% referal from you? cheers

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