Wednesday, June 06, 2007

May Results & June Goals

May was not a very good Month... I was running 6ptbb/100 at 100nl around 10k hands but as you know i had a bad run at the end of the month, which sadly has continued into June.

However, I've come to some conclusions about my game and myself over the last few days. As a result i've considered quitting poker entirely.

Conclusion 1.
I have too many things going on in my life.

Basically i don't have time to study and play alot of poker. So i end up playing sessions late at night after work or on a deadline... "gotta be finished by X 0 clock to make it to Y on time" or while my girlfriend is around. Sometimes i try to put off going by my girlfriend for a few hours while i play but its still in the back of my mind that i have to go, so i'm distracted.

Conclusion 2
I've gotten way too loose.

Now the weird thing about this is my numbers have not changed at all from when i crushed 50NL in Feb.I've been 26/18 every month since i began this year. But the difference has been how i play post flop. I've obviously been taking some hands too far. As a matter of fact the other day i realized while playing that i was raising/bluffing almost with any two really for no reason at all. It was at this point that i realized that i had become an action junkie and most likely a fish.

June Goals
1.Lower my vpip: 22/16 is good
2.Lower my vpip in SB
3.Increase my fold bb presentage/defend blinds less
4.Bluff less
5.Call less on river
6.Play 1.5hr sessions max
7.Play good Poker

We are now 6 days into June and i've basically decimated my UB bankroll trying to get in hands to clear the bonus and get rakeback.I'm not doing much better at Party Poker. I really don't want to post a pic of the damage because its so gruesome.

ahh Fuck IT!

there it is.... I suck, I'm fish.... but i will be back bitches.

btw.. thanks again Cadman n pudding for the heads up from last post. I'm in the process of working out a RB deal on PP. But if i get this thing turned around I will chk out crypto also.

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GWC said...


first thing I noticed were your low "Won at Showdown" percentages. Get those up a couple of % and you're back to winning ways mate.

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